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Dui Record clearing

Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or “wet reckless” can be embarrassing, expensive and cost you your career. Unlike other crimes, a DUI conviction disqualify you from many jobs,  result in expensive car insurance  and threaten you professional license.


The Better Start can assist you remove a DUI conviction from your criminal record.


Benefits of  the Better Start DUI Record Clearing:


1. Removes the conviction from your record.

2. Allows you to tell potential employers that you do not have a DUI  conviction.

3. Eligibility for professional licenses and certificates.

We will help you clear your DUI record, Take our FREE Consultation.


Why clear your record?

Clearing your record has a lot of advantages that you may not be aware of until now. Below are a few of the reasons why should clear your record.


You can apply for your dream job and not be worried about the background check results.


You can finally buy the house or the car you have been thinking about and not worry about the bank rejecting your request.


Clearing your record means you can travel to more countries and visit places on your bucket list.


You can now obtain the specialist license or certificate that will help you succeed in the jobs market.


When you get that DUI off your record your insurance prices will go down.


More and more house owners now do background checks, but if you clear your record you have no issues.


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